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Real Precision Shooting International

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Welcome to engineered accuracy!

Whether your life depends on it or if you are only interested in top level championship rifle accuracy, we can assist you in achieving your goal. We offer cutting-edge riflesmithing services and top-quality products. With an excess of 30 years of engineering, firearm building, hunting and competitive shooting experience we are confident we can deliver the best performance possible so you and your rifle will perform at its highest potential!   We cater to the competitive precision rifle shooter (Long Range Shooting, F- Class (Open and FTR), Precision Rifle, PRS, Silhouette, Benchrest Classes), as well as varmint hunters and big game hunters seeking the ultimate in performance.

Attention to detail is what we are world renown for.  By utilizing high performance tooling, QC and sound engineering expertise our rifles are assembled and built for precision, reliability and extreme accuracy.  Engineering expertise with each rifle built! 

Our product line is continually expanding so if you don’t see it here on the website please contact us.  As part of our commitment to firearm owners across Canada, we inventory custom actions, barrels, triggers, stocks, magazine assemblies, rifle cases, optics and many other rifle accessories.  We carry and support products that routinely meet or exceed our expectations.

RPS International…. Our experience and commitment will help you achieve precision and accuracy you didn’t think was possible!

­Custom Canadian Rifle Builder

Gunsmithing Services

Canadian Firearm Parts Supplier

The target below illustrates what we strive for and was achieved with my personal rifle – 5 shots @ 200 yards measuring 0.195” “extreme spread” shot in competition - Tacoma, Washington!  A SCREAMER grouping!! 

Mike Allan and Glen Harrison from Nesika (famous USA action manufacturer; now Defiance Machine) were impressed. See us on Facebook and Google +  


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If you wish to inquire about or purchase any of our products or services, 

please call us at 780-668-3395 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Mountain Time 


email us at sales@rpsinternational.com anytime.

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Own a fine custom rifle built by RPS International Inc.  Excellent inventory of actions, stocks and barrels

Canadian Importer of:


McMillan, Manners, Bell and Carlson, H-S Precision, XLR (plus more) rifle stocks;   Custom Actions:  Defiance Machine, Surgeon Rifles, Bat Machine, Borden Rifles, Curtis Custom, Lone Peak Arms;   Rifle Barrels:  Krieger, Bartlein, Rock Creek, Brux, Hart, Shilen, Proof Research;  Triggers:   Jewell,  Timney, Riflebasix, Shilen, Bix’n Andy;  Reloading Components:  Brass by Lapua, Norma, Nosler, Hornady, Bertrum;  Bullets by Lapua, Berger, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra;     Gunsmithing Supplies: Brownells, Pacific Tool and Gauge and many others not listed.  One stop shopping in Canada!!

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